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How to send your
digital case

Select your scanner below for instructions on how to connect your scanner to our lab
Connection Instructions
  • iTero
    1. Call iTero customer service – 1-800-577-8767 2. Select option 1 3. Request that Contour Balance Dental Lab is added to your scanner. You can identify our lab by name or phone number: 281-430-4988 4. After Contour Balance has been added you must restart your scanner software for the changes to take effect. 5. When sending files you can now select Contour Balance as your lab.
  • Medit
    Medit scanner integration 1. Go to, log in, and selet "Partners" on the left sidebar. 2. Under "Search for Partners" type in "Contour Balance Dental Lab" and click "Search" 3. Confirm correct lab by the address and select "Request Partnership" 4. Click "Request Partnership" on details pop up to confirm. 5. Click "Confirm" to finalize adding Contour Balance to your scanner. Contour Balance will now be listed as a partner within the Medit software
  • Dexis
    To invite a Laboratory to be a Partner, follow these steps: Login to Dexis as a Dentist. In the toolbar, click the people icon . In the Partners window, click Invite a partner. In the Email field, enter the email address of the Laboratory. ( In the Message box, either leave the default text or write your own message. Click Send. The invitation message is sent to the Laboratory and a Partner entry is created in the list of Partners. When the Laboratory logs in to Dexis, the Partners button displays an icon notification of people with an exclamation point. This means that when the Laboratory clicks the Partners button, an invitation is displayed that can be accepted or declined.
  • Sirona/Cerec/Primescan
    1. Go to and click on "My Favorite Contractors" in the left sidebar. 2. Click on the search icon to the right of the "Search Recipient" field 3. Select "Search Direct" and enter "Contour Balance" in the name field. Confirm lab by zip code (77386) and city (Spring) 4.Click on the plus (+) icon to add the lab to your list 5. Click "Confirm" to finalize. Contour Balance will now appear on your list of recipients.
  • Trios

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